We are located a few kilometers west of the city of Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico.  We hope to have a roadside sign up soon to help contributors find us and give them the opportunity to release a baby sea turtle.  Tour operators are aware of our location and often bring tourists to release the hatchlings.

palmarito sea turtle rescue

Palmarito Beach, Oaxaca, Mexico

Palmarito Beach has been the site of a sea turtle preservation and conservation effort since 2004.  It has grown from a weekend avocation to a 24/7 patrol of 22 kilometers of beach from October through June.  Three times each night, 9PM, 12 midnight and 4AM, the 22 km of beach are patrolled in search of sea turtles laying eggs.  The eggs are then taken to a corral where they are protected from poachers and predators.  Once the eggs hatch, the hatchlings are released at dusk, again to protect them from predators.

Through these efforts, thousands of Olive Ridley and East Pacific Green hatchlings have been released as well as hundreds of Leatherback hatchlings.  In addition, valuable information regarding hatching rates, fertility and nest sizes is recorded for each species.

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